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Alex us a Private Tour Guide in Rome, will take you in all the more importante site of the Ancient Rome. When you reserve a Private Tour Guide in Rome, the service is personal serve made in base of your request and your taste. The Private Guide in rome will take care of all the reservation for the ticket entrance and car service. During the Tour you will have a Private Tour guide in rome and a Private Driver with a special car at your disposal. The tour of the Ancient Rome can take 4 to 6 hour's.

Ancient Rome Tour

Symbol of the city of Ancient Rome the Coliseum, it was for gladiator the place of the fights, hunting shows, naval battles and executions. The Coliseum is located on the lake of the Domus...

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Fontana Museum in Rome, tour with your private guide

The Fontana Sisters Museum

Discover the roots of high fashion Italian. Discover the adventure of the Sisters Fontana.La story of Zoe, Micol and Giovanna began in the early twentieth century in Trastevolo, a small fraction of...

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In Via della Conciliazione, just between the city of Rome and the Vatican State, you can buy religious items, jewelery and souvenir shop in the famous Domus Artis.

Domus Artis is a religious articles and souvenir store in Rome

The "Artis Domus in Rome" is a shop of religious articles and souvenirs of the city of Rome. It is located in Via della Conciliazione, the road linking Rome and the Vatican. The Domus Artis is...