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Private tours and luxury service

We are Alex and Agnès a couple of professionals with over 30 years of experience in tourism. We have created the Italy I Love You project, a tourist consultancy and experiential design company, whose goal is to provide high quality services based on our values: listening, beauty, authenticity, elegance, sensation, and immersion. We do not limit ourselves to proposing traditional trips. We propose a real lifestyle.

Our organization is based on a “creed”: the passion for our country, the love for Italy, and a reality appreciated all over the world. We truly want to share the best of Italy. An offer made of style, fashion, and traditions with the highest quality standards that have made Italy, our country, unique. Italy I Love You offers a lifestyle based on relationships that help us live better; a different point of view that is based on the question ‘who you want to meet’ instead of ‘what you want to see’. We do not visit a historic castle, but we prefer to visit the princess in her home!

For us, the journey becomes an essential tool that focuses attention on the client, on the person’s interests, and that desires inner transformation. This is to be fulfilled through our own experience, a unique, exclusive, familiar, and customizable story. This journey should be the road that connects with reality, thus becoming an unforgettable moment suitable for each stage of life. This is the ambitious goal that brought the Italy I Love You project to life.