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Experiential tours

"Experiential travel" his a new way to travel better with a deeper emotion. The immersion travel can emphasize different areas and different aspect of local life.
With the experimental travel, the single travel will be part of the project and be tach on a personal level with something about himself. Thanks to the experimental travel the person will be able to be part of making a special experience and share with his friend a culinary or cultural, nature or social experience giving to them the opportunity to understand more about them self.

The goal is to more deeply understand a travel destination’s culture, people, and history by connecting with it more than just by visiting it. Therefore, the traveler usually gets in touch with locals who give guidance how to experience a place.

What can be a travel experience in Italy?

Well, they can be many but clearly, on the top of the list, there is the Italian food with their special pasta, pizza, and wine. But Italy is not only Food they are many aspects very important that make Italy an important country around the word like fashion, architecture and fantastic cars. Fill free to let us know what kind of experimental travel you would like to have in Italy. Considering which part of your self you what to know better!